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How does sustainability work in food packaging?

Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 12:05PM

Knowledge is power. With a growing trend of sustainability in the food packaging industry it is important to understand the process in which the tray goes through. Here at CiMa-Pak we offer two fantastic options for our trays, compostable and CPET/Evolve. The image illustrates the sustainability cycle of both of our trays and the journey it goes through before it packages your culinary masterpiece.

The CPET/ Evolve tray's journey begins at the moment that food is served in it and then moves to the recycling bin. From there the tray is brought to a recycling plant where the plastic is sorted and is cleaned, shredded and prepared for sale. Once the tray has been shredded and cleaning it is then sold and used to create a new CPET/ Evolve tray that will be sold and used to package food once again. This is an ongoing cycle.

Compostable trays have a slightly longer process where we begin with serving your meal in the tray to disposing them in the organics bin. On day 4 the tray is brought to an industrial composting facility where it will go through a process to be sold on day 88. On day 91 the compost is sold for reforestation and in 10 years there will be new trees in its place that can be harvested to make trays.

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