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New Videos - CiMa-Pak's most popular tray sealers

Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2015 - 8:55AM

We’ve just wrapped up our most recent video shoot. N'tchidjè and Jean from Great Things Studio spent the better part of the day filming. In this video, we give you the run-down of some of our most popular tray sealers: the CiMicro, the Classic, the Model II and the Model III. By seeing each of these tray sealers in action, you can tell the ruggedness and overall quality of each system. You may be surprised at just how many kinds of foods, from delicate desserts to saucy curries, can be sealed in, leak-free, cpet and apet trays. Plus, the video is a great way to see the various specifications of each model and help you decide which tray sealer will help you with your project. Whatever your particular sealing and packaging needs are, you can easily figure out the right model tray sealer to keep your food under wraps.

The CiMicro Sealer has become our second most popular manual tray sealer. Ideal for lower-volume operations, it boasts the same excellent seal. The 110-volt sealer lets you seal either cpet or apet trays quickly and easily.

Also featured on the video, the CLASSIC model food tray sealing equipment lets you seal apet, cpet and PP food trays manually. There’s plenty of reason that the CLASSIC model has remained a reliable standby and the most popular tray sealer; it seals each take away tray in just 2 seconds. As you can see in the video, we are sealing several 1, 2 and 3 compartment cpet and apet trays.

For larger-scale sealing, the Model II manual tray sealer holds two rolls of film, each of a different width. As a result, you can switch between sealing large and small trays with no trouble. The Model II tray sealer is ideal for commercial food service such as restaurants, groceries stories, high end food markets, where production is ongoing with different sized food trays.
And finally there is now a video on our Model III tray sealer. The Model III Manual Tray Sealing system is unique in the fact that it will hold three different rolls of film. Whether you are sealing our 2171, 2227 or 2325 series cpet trays this unit can go from one size tray to another without a break. And, as an added bonus, the Model III functions as quickly as the CLASSIC, sealing in each tray in just 2 seconds flat.

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