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Our full line of conveyor and rotary tray sealers will definitely increase your throughput. We have automatic tray sealers with or without diecut as well as with or without MAP capabilities. If production numbers are what you are looking for, then our continuous tray sealing systems are for you. If you are looking for a way to enhance your CPET, APET or PP Trays then these automatic tray sealers are for you.
The EASY model automatic tray sealer with contour cutting of the film is economical and compact in size. It is designed for medium volume production levels and is easy to use and set up. Equipped with Teflon-coated sealing plates and a touch screen with 10 storable programs, it seals trays made of PP, PE, CPET, APET and...
This is our Easy Tray Sealer which is available with or without vacuum and gas.
The FUTURA is a simple, small footprint, automatic tray sealer which offers all of the features of our larger systems at a fraction of the cost. It can seal trays made of PP, PE, CPET, APET and Aluminum. It is equipped with a rapid change mould system that allows a tooling change within a couple of minutes and, although...
FUTURA Tray Sealer
Starting From: $14,975.00
Introducing The CiMatic Tray Sealer. It has been designed by CiMa-Pak to seal CiMa-Pak trays. The goal is to seal trays fast and effectively at speeds up to 20 per minute. Tell us which trays best suit your application from our selection below and we will factory set the temperature, speed and pressure so that all you...
CiMatic Tray Sealer