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Custom Made Vapour Barrier BigBags

Using a hermetically sealed, custom-made BigBag will provide your product with vapour barrier protection, keeping it perfectly dry until the bag is opened. The system prevents corrosion and any damage from elements during long term storage, domestic, or overseas shipments.

The BigBag has a layer of aluminum that acts as a Faraday cage and offers ESD protection.

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Typical Applications

  • To vacuum pack and hermetically seal small or large pieces of equipment and machines inside a vapour barrier bag to protect during long term storage, domestic or overseas shipments.
  • Bags are made to order with almost not limit to its size. -Suitable for vacuum packaging, thus minimizing the atmosphere inside the package.
  • 3 dimensional bags for large items.
  • 2 dimension pouches for smaller items.
  • Meets Military Packaging Specifications.


  • Can be coupled with dessicant and humidity indicating cards for a controlled atmosphere
  • Sized for your specific needs
  • Bags can also be made using VCI (volatile corrosion inhibiting) film.
  • Custom Military specified packaging available.


  • TMF275 heavy duty, tear resistant vapour barrier bag material
  • Cadpak P lighter duty vapour barrier bag material **CiMa-Pak BigBags are custom made to fit your size requirements