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CiMail Polybag Film

CiMail Polybag Film

CiMail Film will cut your costs by providing a reliable seal without pushing your machine to its limits. CiMail is a low static, low friction USPS approved polybagging film for direct mail. It is designed to work easily and smoothly with our Mailbag and Continua Plexi polybagging machines.

As an added bonus the ultra clear CiMail polybagging film is USPS approved and is micro-perforated to make bundling of your finished product a breeze.

Typical Applications

CiMail is used to group printed product in a sealed bag, for direct mail packaging of catalogues, magazines and newspapers.


  • Custom orders of various thickness, length and size can also be accomodated with minimum order requirements
  • Printed film can be made with minimum order requirements


  • Stock widths: 19.5", 21.5", 24" (495mm, 546mm, 560mm)

  • Available thickness: 1 Mil and 1.5 Mil

  • Roll lengths:
    19.5" = 5177' (1578m)
    21.5" = 4685' (1428m)
    24" = 4170' (1271m)

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