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 I-Bar - Manual Shrink Wrapping System

I-Bar - Manual Shrink Wrapping System

This is a simple shrink wrap system used for low production numbers and for resealing of product.

The shrink operation is completed in three simple steps: 1) Seal the product's length 2) Seal the product's width 3) Use the heat gun which is supplied for shrinking the film.

It protects your product from pilfering, dirt, dust, moisture and handling. The finished look of the shrink package is no different from the finished product of our high speed units; it just took a little longer!

The I-Bar is sold as a complete system: bar sealer, timer, 2-speed heat gun and holder, film rack, free 500ft. roll of centerfold gauge PVC shrink film, outlet plug and spare parts kit.

Typical Applications

In stores where repackaging of items is required. Small quantities of packaging to do. Start up projects.


I-Bar sealer models are available in the following seal bar lengths: 13", 18", 24", 32", and 40".


Range of seal lengths: 13" to 40"

Rolls 6" To 36" Widths Film Available.

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