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 S560 - Manual Shrink Wrapping System

S560 - Manual Shrink Wrapping System

  • Ideal for packaging small to medium size products.
  • Sealing and shrinking in one operation.
  • Output: up to 5 packs per minute.
  • Maximum product size: 20.5" x 15.4" x 10.2" (520 x 390 x 260mm)
  • Teflon-coated sealing blade
  • Hood hold down and automatic release Equipped with alphanumeric LCD control panel with microprocessor and solid state relays, that allow a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
  • Machine status
  • Number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter
  • Adjustment of the sealing temperature
  • Adjustment of the shrinking delay
  • Adjustment of the shrinking time
  • Adjustment of the shrinking chamber temperature
  • Possibility of scheduling up to 10 different work cycles, thus resulting in increased productivity and simplified use

Typical Applications

The S series One Step Shrink wrapper is our core group of Manual L-sealing hood machines. Ideal for any industrial or printed materials application.


  • Stainless steel packaging plate
  • Double film roll support
  • Film waste winder


  • Maximum product height: 10.2" (260 mm)
  • Sealbar dimensions: *22" x 16.9" (560 x 430 mm)
  • Output: up to 5 wraps/ minute
  • Voltage: 220V - 240V
  • Machine dimensions: 55.9" x 31.0" x 43.9" (1420 x 790 x 1115 mm)
  • Weight: 266.8 lbs (121 kg)
    • On products reaching maximum size, samples are required for testing.
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