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Shooter IIB Tabber

The Shooter-IIB is designed to provide fast, accurate tab insertions at high speeds. The tabber can be mounted to your equipment or be free standing for mobility.

The Shooter-IIB accurately inserts paper tabs into the receding delivery pile of sheeters, presses, paper board machines and paper converting equipment.

The Shooter-IIB can insert tabs at speeds up to 3 tabs per second.

The Shooter-IIB It can easily be connected to your equipment by using a micro switch, universal electronic coupling pick-up or the optional infrared reflective opto sensor.

• Tab insertion at speeds up to 3 tabs per second.
• Counting speeds equal to your equipment
• Easily connects to your equipment
• Count erase
• Total and batch counts
• Variable knife cut delay
• Variable tape lengths
• Touch pad interface
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Typical Applications

Inserts tabs at the required count at the exit point on the press production line.
• In-line batching at high speeds
• Maximize press time and profit
• Stop shortages and overages
• Improve customer satisfaction


- Infrared Reflective Opto Sensor
- 90° Angle Tape Chute
- Swivel Bracket Mount
- Custom Tape Chute Lengths
- Distribution Box (Allows 3 or more tabbing heads to be operated by one control unit)
- Stagger Tabbing
- Sharp-Shooter II Option with Spoilage Marker/Flagger
- Additional Tabbing Head
- Additional Base Stand or Swivel Mount


- Power: 110V AC, 3 AMP
- Minimum Height with standard pedestal: 20" (508mm)
- Maximum Height with standard pedestal: 60" (1525mm)
- Net Weight: 40 lbs (18 Kg)