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SpotBot Cellular

A standalone device that delivers tri-axial impact monitoring and live tracking through cellular connectivity. It features real-time visualization through the SpotSee web based platform. You can access your data in the cloud from any web-based device. The SpotBot transmits information using cellular technology, so the unit does not require line of sight to a satellite for position or communication.

SpotBot features best in class impact monitoring. It generates accurate data on impacts up to 65G, providing more than four times (4X) the range of the best competitive alternative (which captures impacts up to 16G). This range of impact monitoring is best suited for products between 100-60,000 lbs.

With off-the-shelf lithium batteries, SpotBot delivers 75 days of monitoring (set to hourly summary reporting). This represents a battery life that is 50% (1.5X) more than next best competitor.

The user easily defines impact settings specific to the product being monitored and SpotBot will deliver a location and time stamp of alerts from impacts over the threshold. After the trip, the user can easily download a PDF file with the top ten largest impacts, a CSV file with the top 50 largest impacts, and a slot-time report from the SpotBot.
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Typical Applications

• Automotive parts
• Small transformers
• Computer & Server Equipment
• Oil Supplies
• Heavy equipment rental
• Medical equipment
• Semiconductors
• Construction equipment
• Electronics
• Furniture
• Medium Transformers
• Turbines
• Windows & Glass doors


Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 185°F
Size: 7.000 in x 5.250 in x 1.375 in
Weight: 1.304 lbs with batteries, 1.104 lbs without batteries
Battery: 6 x 1.5V Lithium AA Batteries (will work with 1.5 Alkaline AA Batteries)
Battery Life: 1 (summary / event) per day - up to 243 Days
1 (summary / event) per hour - up to 95 Days
Acceleration Range: +/- 1 to +/- 200G (best performance up to 65G)
Sample Rate: 3200 samples per second
Connectivity: Global cellular 3G