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Vacuum Packaging Bags

Vacuum packaging is still one of the most efficient methods to preserve food products.Ensure that you are getting all of the advantages of your vacuum machinery by using quality CiMa-Pak vacuum bags available for your specific needs.

  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Specific bags designed for specific applications: freezable, boilable, gas flush bags, deli pouches and a variety of metallic and coloured bags.
  • Different materials available

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Typical Applications

Use vacuum pouches in vacuum packaging to:

Increase the shelf life of your products.
Reduce loss of moisture and frost.
Save space and present your product nicely.
Protect from contact with ambiant air, and from oxidation, bacterial growth and molds.
When vacuum packed, you can easily detect if there is flaws in the package.
Protect against colour changes normally from UV rays.


Single colour printing


Available in the size and thickness that you require Thicknesses 3mil, 4mil and 5mil.