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 EVO-1 - Vertical Polybagger

EVO-1 - Vertical Polybagger

Simple to use. Simple to maintain. Simple to install.

X-BAG EVO-1 packaging system is the ideal solution for those who need to quickly bag small quantities of materials (fresh food, baked goods, small parts, spare parts, instruction manuals, small industrial components, etc.), in hermetic packages, in different formats and with different types of films.

X-BAG EVO-1 makes packaging simple: that’s why it offers a genuine alternative to time-consuming manual packaging – and even to automated packaging with its larger and more complex machines, which are often inadequate for actual packaging requirements and come with higher operating and maintenance costs.

Practical and handy, the X-BAG EVO-1 can operate in continuous or pulse-based mode. It’s so compact it can be placed in any kind of environment, even in restricted spaces.



  • Can be easily positioned anywhere, even in the restricted spaces of production areas.


  • Minimalist in every feature from structure to operation, whether in continuous or pulse-based mode, it reduces the time taken for machine preparation, loading, programming, and maintenance.

INNOVATIVE -A patented system with two different and totally independent types of sealing: horizontal sealing with electronically regulated constant temperature and vertical continuous sealing with controlled air flow.


  • Hermetic three-seal closure with any type of film using the patented sealing system, which guarantees maximum air-tightness for lightweight products (powders or granules) or heavy products up to 11 lbs. (5 kg.)


  • Quick change collars for format switching reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.


  • New Schneider Electric Colour Touch Screen with intuitive and simple graphics for even simpler management of all machine parameters.


  • The initial investment is repaid by reduced processing times and bagging labour costs, plus savings on packaging materials.


  • X-BAG EVO-1 can be used in different sectors and environments: bakeries, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, health and hospital facilities, hardware stores, logistics centres, spare parts warehouses, and manufacturing.

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Typical Applications

Product is introduced into the loading collar and then is pulled down by the sealing arm which forms the next bag and closes the bag which you have just loaded.


Electrical Power: 220/240 Volts Amp: 3 A Air required: 85 PSI Output: 0-1000 PPH MAX roll Dim. (diameter): 10.00" (250 mm) Bag length: 2.00 - 13.00" (50/330 mm) Bag width: 6.75"/7.25"/9.25" (170/185/235 mm - depending on collar) Type of films that can be used: Polyethylene, polyolefin, macro-perforated, biodegradable films, printed films) Horizontal sealing: Double sealing bar with cutting wire Machine dims: 31.5" x 33.5" x 59" (800 x 850 x 1500 mm) Machine weight (Net/Gross): 285/360 lbs. (130/165 kg.)

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