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CiMicro Compostable Starter Kit
Made in North America

CiMicro Compostable Starter Kit

Starting From: $2,499.00
  • Up to 50-150 Meals per Day
  • Does not cut the film to the shape of the tray (Straight cut)
  • Seal only
  • Manual Operation

In today’s market, the packaging of food and in particular ready meals have been seeing a change from disposal trays (like PP and EPS) to circular sustainable trays (like our CPET Trays)and to our compostable food packaging trays. Our compostable food trays are definitely the leader in natural materials.
An important aspect of packaging meals is to achieve a perfect seal between the tray and the lidding film. Our CiMicro Compostable Starter Kit includes our CiMicro Tray Sealer which is factory set to the ideal temperature for our compostable trays. Using the combination of our compostable trays, film, and CiMicro Tray Sealer you will see a professional product presentation achieved with an affordable packaging solution ideal for new operations or low-volume enterprises. The CiMicro Compostable Starter kit is the perfect tray-sealing system for personal chefs, test kitchens and start-up businesses. This meal packaging system allows for easy mold changes, which means that it is compatible with multiple sizes and styles of our compostable food trays. Simply lower the lid of the sealer machine onto your meal tray and you will have a leak-proof seal in a matter of seconds. Our CiMicro Compostable Starter Kit which sells for $ 2,490.00 (plus applicable taxes and freight) includes:

• CiMicro Compostable Tray Sealer (110 Volts)

• Two cases of our compostable food trays from:

     - 4OK1800-1
     - 4OK2160-1F
     - 4OK2160-1K
     - 4OK2227-1
     - 4OK2227-2
     - 4OK2227-3

• One roll of film

• One sealing frame

Bigger needs? Higher volume? Speak with us and we will help you decide on the next level of tray sealer.

Typical Applications

Easy to use! Simply plug in (110/120 Volts), switch the unit on, and, after a few minutes, you are ready to seal your creations! For optimal efficiency and operator ergonomics, place this tray sealer machine on a surface below waist height.


Multiple sealing frames available


• Maximum tray dimension: 9.0" x 7.0" x 3" (228 x 178 x 76 mm) • 1 roll of film: 7.5" (190 mm) • Output: Seals up to 3 trays/minute • Voltage: 110/120 V • Machine dimensions: 22" x 11" x 19" (558 x 280 x 482 mm) • Weight: 29 lbs. (13 kg) and most importantly • ETL Certified

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