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Mobile M6 - Heavy Duty Vacuum Chamber

The M6 is an extra large version of the M5 heavy duty vacuum chamber with stainless steel cover and flat working surface designed for very large bags.

41.1" x 23.6" x 8.3" (1044 x 600 x 210 mm)
SEAL LENGTH: 3 options
L&S 1 sealbar 40.2" (1020mm) and 1 sealbar 9.7" (500mm)
S&S 2 sealbars 20.5" (520mm)
L&L 2 sealbars 40.2" (1020mm)
Standard with double seal or trim seal
Standard with 100m³ vacuum pump.

Stainless steel cover
Easy to clean, round corners
Sealbeams and silicone are easily removable
10 Programs
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Typical Applications

Popular in butcher shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, caterers and the food processing industry. The stainless steel cover is more resistant than the transparent lids and allows for more industrial, heavy duty applications that persist for long periods of time.


• Seal options: Double, trim OR 1-2 seal
• Gas flush: For packing fragile products, presentation and extending the shelf life of specific products.
• Filler plates 25mm
• Spare parts kit


• Chamber Dimensions: 41.1" x 23.6" x 8.3" (1044 x 600 x 210 mm)
• Seal Lengths (3 Options):
1 sealbar 40.1" (1020mm) and 1 sealbar 20.4" (520mm)
2 sealbars 20.4" (2 x 520mm)
2 sealbars 40.1" (1020mm)
• Cycle Time*: 25-35 sec.
• Voltage: 220-3-60Hz
• Pump capacity: 100 m³
• Machine Dimensions: 44.9" x 34.4" x 45.7" (1140 x 875 x 1160 mm)
• UL/CSA approved

*Cycle time is influenced by many factors such as: product size and type, vacuum level and whether or not the product is being gas flushed.