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What is MAP packaging?

Posted: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 4:35AM

CiMa-Pak Corporation is here to provide business owners with quality food packaging options that will not only enhance the presentation of the dish, but also preserve the integrity of the food.

With the use of MAP, you are now able to prolong shelf life and maintain freshness. MAP stands for “Modified Atmosphere Packaging”, it is a process in which the air that was originally in the tray is removed and replaced with an inert gas mixture. When this gas mixture is injected into the dish it delays the aging process of the food by slowing the growth of micro particles. MAP works to prolong the quality of the food and extend shelf life resulting in business owners having more control over product quality. In addition, MAP packaging allows business owners to do this without using chemical preservations and stabilisers.

After the gas mixture is injected it is important that the tray is sealed properly to ensure that the mixture is not lost. This is accomplished through sealing with a barrier film, which will prevent air nor water to enter the tray. After these steps are completed then your food is ready to meet the shelf and into the hands of your next customer. Every bite will taste like it was just made.

Benefits of MAP include: · Longer shelf life · Reduce product turn over · Preserve taste, flavour and nutritional content

At CiMa-Pak we value the culinary works that our customers create by offering MAP machines that will give them the benefits mentioned above. These tray sealers include: · SVR Basic MAP Tray Sealer · SVR Turn Tray Sealer · Unica 25 – Semiautomatic Vacuum Tray Sealer · Easy – Automatic Tray Sealer

If you are interested and would like to speak with us to learn about our MAP machines, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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