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CiMAP - Tabletop Vacuum Tray Sealer

Affordable, the CiMAP Mini is a tabletop vacuum tray sealing machine with gas injection for optimal shelf life. Ideal for preserving your foods in disposable meal containers (which are 100% recyclable and made up to 70% out of previously recycled water bottles), the CiMAP Mini allows you to achieve the clean-cut and professional look that you've always wanted for your product.

Simply place your filled meal trays into the mold in the drawer, push the drawer in and let the machine do the rest! An excellent presentation is achieved with a cutting system that follows the exact shape of the tray. The vacuum and gas injection function of the CiMAP Mini will seal your meal in such a way that the air will be pulled out of the tray and replaced by a gas mixture. The removal of oxygen from the meal tray will reduce growth of bacteria, keeping your food fresh longer.

Finally this machine allows for quick and easy mold changing with minimal tools, making it suitable for many types of trays and film.

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Typical Applications

Typically used for low volume vacuum tray sealing of small to medium food tray sizes.


Different molds are available, allowing you to seal different styles of trays (each mold sold separately).


  • Machine dimensions: 14.6" x 25.1" x 26.7" / 380 x 640 x 670 mm
  • Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs
  • Max. tray dimensions: 10.5" x 7.0" x 3.5" / 265 x 180 x 90 mm
  • Max. top film width: 10.4" / 265 mm
  • Max. top film diameter: 9.8" / 250 mm
  • Max. core top film diameter: 2.95" / 75 mm
  • Compressed Air: 85 PSI
  • Vacuum pump: 8 m3 Busch
  • Power supply: 110-120 V
  • Air pressure: 6 Bar-20 L p/min.
  • Cycle time: 25-30 sec.

Common questions and answers

How big a tray can we use with the CiMap?
The largest tray is our 2227 series trays one up but also do not forget that you can also do the 2171 series trays two at a time.

How fast is the MAP cycle time with this tabletop system?
Typically, depending on your level of vacuum, it is in the 25-30 second range.