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FP870A - Semi Automatic L-Bar Sealer

• The FP870A is a large format, semi-automatic L-bar sealer with high outputs.
• Output: up to 15 packs per minute.
• Maximum product size: 32.5" x 22.5" x 11.8" (825mm x 570mm x 300mm)
• Can be coupled with the T650E to make a complete shrink wrap system.
• Teflon-coated sealing blade
• Automatic pack discharge by means of a motorized conveyor
• Alphanumeric LCD control panel with microprocessor and solid state relays that allow a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
- machine status
- number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter
- real-time production
- adjustment of the sealing temperature
- pack discharge speed
- automatic cycle function
- delay in the opening of the sealing arm
- programing of up to 6 different work cycles
- troubleshooting

*shown here with optional shrink tunnel
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Typical Applications

Shrinkwrapping (Lbar and tunnel) is used to package almost any product to prevent tampering, to hold them together, to package more than 1 item together for specials or display, to keep the product clean, to extend shelf life minimally and to protect the product. Products include, media, printed materials, industrial goods of any shape and food products with the optional inox working plate.

The L-Bar alone can be used to pack loosely into polyethylene soft items such as magazines, clothing like bathrobes for hotels or T-Shirts.


- Foot pedal
- Film that can be used: PVC, Polyolefins and Polyethylene


• Maximum product height: 11.8" (300 mm)
• Sealbar dimensions: *34" x 24" (870 x 620 mm)
• Output: up to 15 wraps/ minute
• Voltage: 220V 1PH 60Hz.
• Machine dimensions: 120" x 41.5" x 44" (3050 x 1055 x 1125 mm)
• Weight: 589 lbs (267 kg)

*On products reaching maximum size, samples are required for testing.