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Impact, tilt and temperature indicators make up the extensive line of Shockwatch products designed to encourage better handling of your products during warehousing and transportation.
Introducing the NEW Shockwatch 2 impact indicators.
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ShockDot provides a cost-effective solution with the largest indicator window for determining mishandling, alerting handlers that your package requires extra care and reducing damage related costs. Tamperproof mechanically activated devices, ShockDot indicators turn red when a potentially damaging impact occurs. Each indicator is serialized and ensures the user that the device has not been switched during transport. The QR code on each device allows you to verify the authenticity of the indicator and provides peace of mind that you have received an impact indicator from the impact detection experts at ShockWatch.

ShockDot indicators are a simple solution for identifying potentially damaged shipments and driving accountability in the supply chain.
ShockWatch Clip
Shockwatch Clips are small tamper-proof impact indicators that allow you to track any mishandling of your product. These small devices are designed to protect products measuring up to 1500 cubic feet and weighing 10,000 lbs and are to be attached directly onto the product.

Clips and MiniClips: Available as single (nearly 360 degrees of detection) or Double (full 360 degrees of detection).

Multi G Clips: An impact diagnostic tool to help determine package sensitivity. Has 25G, 50G and 75G sensitivity.

ShockLog 298 Impact Recorder
Shocklog impact recorders continually monitor impact, events, vibrations, and internal temperature.

• Records the detailed impact curve of up to 870 events.

• Optional accessories or built-in features allow you to extend the measurement power of ShockLog 298 units. Measure external temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, roll or GPS coordinates and tailor ShockLog to meet the requirements of your particular environment.
ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator
ShockWatch 2 impact indicators clearly indicate when your shipment has sustained an impact and alerts everyone that it is being monitored and is to be handled with care.
• Indicates when products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage.
• Indicates if impact comes from above or below.
• Tamper proof, field armable, mechanically-activated devices.
• Turn bright red when an impact occurs.

Here are the reasons why businesses are using our ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator:

1) Visual deterrent to improper handling
2) Makes transportation companies aware of the importance of your product(s)
3) Transfers responsibility of product damage to participants handling your product(s)
4) Increase gross margin by reducing unwarranted warranty claims
5) Enhances the perception of your product to your customers
Shockwatch Impact Label
Shockwatch impact indicating labels are a precision impact detection device that senses and indicates the magnitude of a shock.
They detect impacts from almost all directions.
They help to draw the line of responsibility therefore reducing liabilities due to damage.
Features a tiny liquid-filled glass tube housed in a self-adhesive label. If your product is dropped or mishandled, the liquid in the tube changes immediately from clear to bright red.

Here are the reasons why businesses are using our ShockWatch Impact Indicators:

1) Prevents damage and reduces costs by encouraging careful handling throughout the system of transport and warehousing.
2) Transfers responsibility of product damage to participants handling your product(s)
3) Increases gross margin by reducing unwarranted warranty claims
4) Reduces possibility of over packaging product(s)
5) Enhances the perception of your product to your customers
ShockWatch Flex Clip
Shockwatch Flex Clip is a flexible impact indicator that attaches easily to irregular shaped products. Its bold colouring clearly indicates that the shipment is being monitored for damaging mishandling.

• A tamperproof device that turns bright red to indicate mishandling.
• Optimized for mounting an impact indicator to an irregularly-shaped surface.

1) Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
2) Acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling
3) Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling
4) Confirms effectiveness of packaging